Monday, January 20, 2014

All Readings

In advance, I would like to link to
all reading directives throughout the 
course. There are three total. All are
well sized, interesting, and most of
all very informative to what we're
doing. Read at own convenience!

1. Grand Theft Desire
Stephen Duncombe
chapter from "Dream : Reimagining
Progressive Politics in the 
Age of Fantasy" (2007)

DUE : Week 4, Feb 11
ESTIMATE : 25 Minutes

2. (A Double Take)
"Art", Ian Bogost, chapter from
"How to Do Things with Videogames" (2011)
"Video games can never be art", Roger Ebert
online article posted on author's blog (2010)

DUE : Week 7, Mar 4
ESTIMATE :  15 Minutes and 15 Minutes

3. The Collective Intelligence 
of Internet Fans, Henry Jenkins
from "Fans, Bloggers, and Gamers" (2006)

DUE : Week 10, April 1 (no joke)
ESTIMATE : 35 Minutes


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