Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Protocol (And Images)

C R I T I C A L  P L A Y | ART & COMPUTER GAMES  | Exhibition Protocol, Saturday, May 10
TWO PEOPLE to take various shifts monitoring two exit areas of Collective (per their request) on Saturday-
1.) 5:00 : Kailee               5:20 : Andrea    5:40 : Cassondra     6:00 (onward) : --- (on spot)
2.) 5:00 : Zach/Darius     5:20 : JC           5:40 : Sean              6:00 (onward) : --- (on spot)

THREE PEOPLE to help me get our valuable cargo from the lab to our moving van (10:30 AM AND 7:00 PM)-
1.) Elizabeth (AM)
2.) Jenie (AM) 

AM, we meet at lab, 10:30. We unload at the Collective. If need be, I can give a ride back to UNR/wherever in the van.
3.) Connor (PM)
4.) Zach (PM)

PM, we meet at the Collective, and unload back at the school/lab. Hopefully you can find transportation from there.

THREE PEOPLE to assist in hanging storyboards/labels/auxiliary works (1:30)-
1.) Erin Mc.
2.) Aaron
3.) Rhea

This will officially be occurring starting at 1:30 PM at the Collective. You'll be arranging the non-techie stuff in the space and will pretty much be responsible for its design.

TWO PEOPLE to do the job of arranging all our pot luck food prior (they have a counter)-
1.) Fantasia
2.) Erin F

A mass email will be sent out requesting specific food info.

ONE PERSON to be our official documentary videographer and photographer (SLR camera) for the evening-
1.) Stormy

(I will contact this person directly.)

** TWO PEOPLE to collaborate in designing ‘menu screens’ for combined stages (talk with me)-
1.) Libby
2.) Crystal
**A job not done on site. Throughout remaining days before Saturday. DUE Friday, 5PM, emailed to me.

(This can be given to me by the due date; Friday, 5PM, via email.)

Everyone should have a duty, between 18 existing members. 3 members will need to pull double duty.


Where to place additional work besides those created in 381.
(Place your cardboard sculptures somewhere in the room
so we may get it Saturday morning.) 

The Ginyu Force posing by Optimus Prime.


IF you wish to submit additional work to me besides what you listed on the label sheet in class, please submit info via email containing title/your name/year/materials(if applicable). Physical works : in the area specified in the photo by Friday, 5PM. Video works : via WeTransfer to my email, boding it is below 2GB (shouldn't be an issue).


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