Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Food for Thought

Worth sharing! 

In a twist of fate, I did just about what you guys have been tasked with about this whole semester for a game jam at the GFC14 festival. For the jam, teams paired up and prototyped  (Storyboard) a modification (Breakout Mod) of the existing board game Monopoly into a more social issue (Serious Game). 

All groups were given just one hour and a bunch of neon color paper, pens, and frilly print outs to work with. Shown in images below. They weren't entirely concrete with their rules, so I ended up just pulling my laptop out and in an hour did a 3D model diagram (Overworld Model) of our 'Philanthropoly' addressing gentrification issues. I was kind of eavesdropping on what my group was planning, which did not entirely reach a conclusion until 50 minutes in. I mostly just worked as the art guy. For presentation, instead of from table, I hijacked their presentation TV for our purposes. We ended up ranking 1st with another group. Might have helped that I pulled the stunt because representatives from Autodesk were there.

If nothing else, a testament either to the power of deja vu/string theory, or that concepts in the art studio are not too distant from actual industry practices.



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