Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Exhibition : We're On

C R I T I C A L  P L A Y
Art and Computer games
Reno Collective

 I lobbied hard, and after
it seemed lost, an owner
of the place gave me the
thumbs up and has decided
to sponsor our event.

So congrats. You have
a downtown exhibition you
can put your hard work into
for friends, family, and the
town the discover for
a one-night exhibit.


DATE : May 10, 5-7 PM, Saturday : Reception (Let me know clearly in advance about scheduling conflicts.)

TIME : All morning and afternoon of that day, however necessary, myself and a team of us will bring all vital materials for the exhibition and install it in the Collective. It will be organized carefully before transfer. Most of our work is digital, however a certain component of it is definitely 'physical' (read on). I will rent a truck if need be to transfer such larger items unless someone has that capability.

WHAT WE DO : Exhibit all facets of our labor and creative projects through the whole semester in the gallery! I will see to purchasing projection screens so we can project all game projects, game code manipulations, and 3D dioramas in. In addition, any work of individual course members' choosing they wish to add that does not have to be a part of 381. Digital or any other medium. Consider this exhibition as an opportunity to get yourself out there.

ADDITIONALS : For refreshments and snacks, I propose a pot luck. Additional prospects that might be neat is a small ensemble or band playing some music for us. Game music or otherwise. Or a small 'game tournament' to entice outsiders to join us for the evening.

-At least one work from each class member created in 381 is required to place in the show. This does not include the game project, where everyone must be included. I will curate a little, as I will want to include certain works either because of their visual achievement or relevancy to the overall exhibit.
-An external work made outside of 381 is optional, but heavily suggested. It can be created from any date in the last 2 years. If you want to include an external video piece you want to show, we can bring in a TV for a looping reel. Painting? Printmaking? We'll hang it. We want to encourage the interdisciplinary aspects of game art making by showing additional mediums.

Here is a task, now, that everyone
will be using class time with (and
sparingly outside class time put aside
for your existing projects)-

  C A R D B O A R D  

Tired of living in the digital? Want something 'tangible?' Here's your shot.

In a very loose parameter of teams (you can work alone or with a group of 3... MAX 4 per team), we will be using TONS of recycled cardboard and material of the likeness to build DIY arcade machines as a way of celebrating our opportunity in downtown Reno. And to pay homage and learn about such retro processes of creating a classic American arcade cabinet. You will even see the Artcade in Reno come next week.

Below are two poignant and relevant videos to our interest, which we will screen- Verge documentary on the fall of American arcades and the charming 'Caine's Arcade' featurette.


 -By May 9, all cardboard cabinets should be assembled. Working in teams and using class time which we should have left, this should be more or less a briefer task. I will heavily assist with construction as well post May 3 as my time will be a little more free then. This factors in to the newly fused Project 5-final exhibition grade. Please participate.
-The requirements for the size are very liberal, but do at least try to go above four feet tall.
-The look. Completely up to your imagination (like Caine's imagination). You can even invent a game out of your imagination and build a cabinet for that. Just know cardboard is fragile. They are more of objects to be observed and walked around.
-The process is very interpretive as well. Use your imagination for that, but a good tip would be to do basic engineering. Get a strong sense of the base before attempting to finish anything.

Again, congrats. The home stretch is upon us.


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