Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Process of Super Maya Meat Boy

'In-process' pics of my example so there is visual overview.


What I am working towards.

 I start out with the basics. Pick a cube
to work from, and do a simple start
of moving a few verticies and extruding
some faces to establish where my
basic shape is going. 

Continue extruding faces, so
the shape of the level design
is becoming more clearer.

Eventually, it will get to the
point where I break from that
original cube, and just make
another to sculpt from. The
shape on the left was just a series
of extruding and subtly manipulating
the vertices along the way to
create an intentional jagged curve.

Next, I add in additional objects
to detail the scene accordingly.
I make a separate cylinder, extrude
every other face on the rim, and scale
the ends down to get a buzz-saw effect.
I copy and paste that 'one' saw accord-
ingly to fill the scene.

Once more, the little details make
the difference. Here I just
add the fence on the sides
of the level platforms.

I mind the fact that the model
is 3D now, as opposed to 2D
level design. I invent the way
the items are placed in the space
a little. Instead of just a flat
saw blade at each position,
I multiply it to fill the whole row.

More circumstantial details. Things
like molding a separate rock to
duplicate along the edges as well
as some pipes to look like the level.

Last thing I do : add Meat Boy
and Bandage Girl. I make the
scene first before characters,
to get the best sense of space.

Ironically, then, the characters
are the first thing I texture to create
the mood of the scene. I make
everything but Meat Boy's face
a shade of red. I go to component
mode (face) to add the one unique texture.

It is a series of Right Click->
Add New Material/Texture. Sometimes,
adding again a material that already
exists from a dropdown menu.

A crucial hint is that you do NOT
have to model every little detail
before texturing it. Sometimes,
texture and color itself suffices
as enough detail. As opposed
to modeling every little thing.

Think in tiles. Rather than wall-
papering the whole rock side
as a single wallpaper, I gave the
sides 'individual tiles of rock'
to look more retro, like a game,
and fill the space more creatively.

Make camera background
fit accordingly and render.


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