Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project 4 (Final) : Overworld Model (3D)


April 29:
All projects 3 and 4 finalized.


 P R O J E C T  4  ( F I N A L E )

O V E R W O R L D  M O D E L
(Using Maya, recreating our favorite
game stages and/or maps! Or making
something 'new' out of the aesthetic.)

BELOW. Food for thought.



LINK IF IT DOESN'T WORK : https://sketchfab.com/models/45291ccc62b54f4bb84574723f173981

This will be our interpretive task that will serve as the bulk of our final stretch to the end in Critical Play (in-addition to touching up game stages and doing a little cardboard construction).

OBJECTIVE : While learning the intricate processes of 3D, adapt an overworld map or game level from any video game you desire or is of personal relevance, and recreate it in 3D digital space using Maya. There is method to the madness of why I asked you 'what your favorite game is' at our first meeting. Though it doesn't have to be that game. It can be a game map/level design that A.) is relevant to your aesthetic proficiency or tastes or B.) something you can take further even and add a little more 'content' too beyond direct formal exercise. The challenge and how you interpret your model is completely up to you.

TURN IN : For the critique on the 29th, please bring-
*The Maya file your project is in so we can look at it in 3D. And place in a folder.
*TWO 1280x720px images to accompany your turn in, so they may quickly be printed for the Critical Play exhibition. And so we may look at as well. We will go over image export in a later tutorial.
*OPTIONAL : See if you are able to successfully upload your model to SKETCHFAB.COM with all materials properly in place and no distortion. It will be visually nice to view and to share amongst your own friends and crowd.

To test everything out, and for fun,
I did a quick one of my own. Based
on some of my favorite level design
from the game Super Meat Boy.
I just screen captured a Twitch.tv
stream to get the specific shot. 

Simple altered details are no
huge deal. As long as the core
similarity is in tact and it looks 
good with effort put into it.

Once more: it is more of a formal
exercise. A huge underlying 'concept'
is optional, if you are up to the task.

As always, I either place a .PDF
for assistance or do a live demo.
For the task of 3D modeling, I am
taking two weeks worth of doing both.

Below are the images (which I will
pass out live) for the first week of
run throughs with Maya 3D.

I ask that you come prepared to work and do work in the ample time you have available until the critique.

Beyond everything else: have fun!


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