Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Important Email

(Important enough to post here.)


Important notices (especially since we will be away for 2 more weeks). Read these carefully since I am clearly not there to express in physical form.

-Ian Bogost is back on. He will visit us May 8.

-Speaking of turn-in, for convenience purposes here we are : Two folders will be available on the desktop: PROJ 3 and PROJ 4 respectively on the day of critique. You know the drill. Final GameMaker files from everyone (.gmk) in 3 folder and Maya files from everyone in 4 folder. We critique any updates and 3D works. I recommend arriving at least 10 minutes earlier this day to ensure all files are placed. Or sooner. This will not be a critique to be passive in whatsoever.

-Our final exhibition date, due to booking of the space, has been moved up to May 10. Saturday. 5-7 PM. At the Collective. All protocol for the whole original day remains in tact, but for Saturday. This is not the final meeting time for 381. Contact me if this is a scheduling issue for any reason. Make all effort to still participate.

ANY questions, email me.

Joe let me know who attended the Artcade! Special thanks to him. Best of luck. You might see me tomorrow in-between cities/tasks.


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